Thursday, June 29, 2017

Week 71

June 12, 2017

"There are those who have great wealth, yet they would give their all to add just a few additional years, months, or even days to their mortal lives. What should we be willing to give for eternal life?" -Joseph B Wirthlin 

Hey y'all! 
This week was great! 
It has been raining cats and dogs and raccoons out here! 

Haha it was raining so much this week and we got soaked like 4 times but it was so worth it to find the investigators we found this week! 

We met this girl this week who has been so amazing! 
She is partially deaf but still hears pretty good and reads lips. Her life has been so hard and she has overcome so much but she has always felt not close enough to God. We invited her to come to the church and have a lesson with us because when we first met her she asked so many questions! 

She came to the church and we were able to have a great member come. She is so amazing! 
We invited her to be baptized on July 1st and she said, "Well, I don't know." 
And then when we saw her again, she asked us about being baptized and she's been thinking about it! She is so amazing and we've been so stoked to meet with her again. 
Pray for her please! 

So last Monday we went to Paynes Prairie and saw a bunch of gators. I got some more pictures from other people there:

There's an alligator like 3 feet away from me in this picture haha you just can't see it because it's in the water. Don't worry, we're safe! 

 All the gators! 

Also we were able to go help paint a house for a service project and we had a good time 

We had a good time out there. 
This week was really fun even though it rained so much. We met this awesome guy whose dog was named Zion. #futureconvert
I am doing well and preparing for my final transfer! 
Shout out to my amazing Dad for Fathers Day this weekend! Love you dad! 
Sister Caton

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