Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 47

December 26, 2016

"Something wonderful happens in a missionary’s service when he or she
realizes that the calling is not about him or her; rather, it is about
the Lord, His work, and Heavenly Father’s children." - Dale G Renlund

I hope y'all had a very merry Christmas! I definitely did! It was a
wonderful week filled with miracles. We started out the week with
wonderfully cold weather (we wore coats!) and ended it with yesterday
and today being a balmy 85 haha.

On Tuesday we went down to Palatka (a very small country town) and
went to their district meeting which was really fun, and had a
tradeoff with Sister Heiner and Sister Kirkham. It was my first
tradeoff staying in my own area which was fun but challenging since
I've only been here for a few weeks but we figured it out. We ended up
finding a super nice man who just moved here last Thursday! He was
interested and so we set up to come back in January when the holidays
are over.

On Thursday sister Colson and I were knocking and found a super
amazing less active man named Juan and his family! His wife isn't a
member and he loves the church and wants to come back, and we are
going to try and teach his wife!
I took a selfie with Sister Colson by the greenery on someone's
doorstep. You wouldn't think it was December here in Florida!

On Christmas Eve, we couldn't go out and actively proselyte so we got to go be with members all day which was fun! We got to try to make a candy called Divinity. Lets just say we failed miserably but it was really fun haha and we got to know our sweet member better. She is one of the only older people in the branch. It was like spending Christmas eve with a grandma :)

Then we opened all our presents on Christmas Eve and it was so great! We love love loved all of our presents! I got some piano books, gift cards and more! I even got a fun present from my ward which was a super great surprise!

Then on Christmas, the same rules apply and we ended up getting invited to come to the mission home for breakfast! We had so much fun and I got to see Sister Harris and Sister Gibb!!!!

This is probably the last time I will see Sister Gibb as a missionary but its okay.

She is awesome. Also it was so great to see Sister Harris! She is doing super well and I just love her. I miss Mandarin but it was fun to see everyone, especially President and Sister Lee.

Also here's us singing Christmas carols together and laughing :)

 Then yesterday I also got to call my family! We facetimed and it was so fun to see everyone and talk to them. We had a grand time visiting. I love my family!!!

Keagan was being silly :)

I had a great week and next week it will be January, which is crazy because that means I am coming up on my year mark! Woahhhhh. I cant believe that!!!

I hope y'all have a great week! Have a happy new year!


Sister Caton

Friday, December 23, 2016

Week 46

Dec 19, 2016

"We have the promise, if we seek first the kingdom of God and its
righteousness, that all necessary things will be added to us"- Brigham

This week was really fun and good. On P day we got to sit by the pond
in our backyard and catch turtles and fish, so that was really fun but
I forgot to take pictures.

Tuesday I had another tradeoff but this time it was with the Jax East
Sister Training Leaders. It was really fun because I got to be with
Sister Smith again! We were companions in Normandy 6 months ago! It
was really fun to reminisce with her and talk about Normandy ward. She
is so much fun and when we were knocking on doors at 8:30 at night, we
ended up meeting this girl named Coral who told us she had come to our
church one time 2 years ago and really liked it but people told her we
didn't believe in Jesus so she stopped. But then when we testified to
her of Christ, she was really excited. She ASKED US for a Book of
Mormon and told us she really wanted to come to church and learn more.
It was truly a miracle!

Then on Wednesday we had our Mission Leadership Council which was
really fun. All the Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders and District
Leaders came from the whole mission! It was a little overwhelming
because I kind of realized that I haven't been doing a very good job
but also encouraging because I can change and be better at those
things. I learned a lot! Plus it was kind of fun to go visit my old
church building heehee

Then on Thursday we had a tradeoff with some of our sisters down in Palatka, Florida. It was really fun, I was with Sister Nay. We went to their Ward Christmas Party (which apparently I am just going on tradeoffs to go to people's Christmas parties) and everyone kept asking me if I was the new sister. When I told them I was just visiting it was always, "Oh good." Haha not sure how to take that ;)

But we also got to go try to find some less actives and we ended up finding a field of cows and they kept mooing and trying to lick me so that was hilarious. Sister Nay came out on her mission with Sister Gibb and they both go home in 2 weeks and that is just so weird. My mom can't go home!

I named this one Bessie :)

Sister Nay and I trading back by a church with a very extensive graveyard next to it.

Selfie with Sister Tuivailala

I really enjoy being a Sister Training Leader. I learn so much from all the sisters and I want to do the best I can. We have been trying really hard to find people to teach so please keep us in your prayers!

Also, in Bartram when we're walking around after dark, all these toads come out and I catch them because why not.

Hope y'all have a great week and a Merry Christmas! I love you!


Sister Caton

Week 45

December 12, 2016

"Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved."
-Thomas S Monson 

Hey y'all! 
This week was an exciting one! We're gearing up for Christmas and it's been a good time. I love the branch and we have so many amazing cute families :) 
So first of all, this week we went to a super sketchy but awesome gas station in our area on P day where they sell all sorts of cool touristy things and they have a tank of baby alligators! 

Yeah that's Florida for you :) 

Also this week I went on my first tradeoff! 
Tradeoffs are conducted by Sister Training Leaders and we spend 24 hours with one of the sisters. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday with Sister Morrow serving in St Augustine! We had a great time. We were able to help a lot of members, one of them being a cute old lady who needed help baking cakes for the Christmas party they were having that night. 

These cakes were literally the most delicious things. 

Then we went to the Christmas party which was themed as "Christmas round the world" and we helped this one lady talk about her mission she served in holland. We had to dress up as Dutch girls and braid our hair! Haha we were laughing so hard :)

So that was exciting! We even wore clogs later on. 

Then that night, Sister Morrow was in the bathroom and I just hear a scream! 
I asked her what was wrong and she yells out,
"There's a huge frog in the bathtub!"
It was pretty big! I caught it with a Tupperware and we released the poor little guy haha 
Only happens in Florida! 
Also, Sister Morrow is also from New Mexico and while we were tracting we found this house with a Kokopeli on it!!!
 We knocked like 30 times but no one answered so we just snuck a selfie. 

Thursday was the mission Christmas party! It was weird to see my group because we've been out almost a year! 

I don't like this picture but it's the only one so whatever. 

Also there were some super fun skits and we got mission t shirts! Haha I love it :)

Then on Friday we were able to get a priesthood blessing for our investigator F. He has been struggling with addiction and recovering from a surgery. We invited some older men from our ward and they were both so happy to come. During the blessing, the spirit was SO strong and F said that immediately after the blessing he felt a difference in the way he felt and what he was going through. He is doing so great. It has been amazing teaching him because he is so sincere. 

I love being a missionary. It's so wonderful to share my love of my savior Jesus Christ during this Christmas season. #lighttheworld everyone!!!

Sister Caton

Week 44

December 5, 2016

Dec 5

"One of the ways He goes before your face is to prepare the heart of a
person He has asked you to serve. He will prepare your heart as well."
-Henry B Eyring

Well here I am in Bartram Trails Branch!
I love it here already but I won't lie and say I don't miss Mandarin.
I had a hard time saying goodbye to some of the people, especially
Nate and Kylee.

 Saying goodbye :(

Also their dog Daisy

She wouldn't hold still so I had to hold her.

Then Wednesday was Transfers and we had so much fun. We got to all go to lunch and I love my new companion Sister Colson so much!

Left to right:

Sister Foster, Sister Gibb, Sister Randle, Sister Warr, Sister Harris, Sister Mann, Sister Anderson, Me, Sister Colson.

We do a lot of knocking here in Bartram Trails and I saw this awesome polar bear thing :)

But last Monday I was able to get a blessing and I'm really grateful because it said that I came to this area for a reason and I will be able to see that reason. I think it's for our semi-progressing investigator F.

He is so great, we had a lesson with him on Thursday and this man is a tank. He is huge and tough and scary but beneath that he is seriously so sincere and wants to know so badly if this is the true church. In the closing prayer he thanked Heavenly Father for sending me to teach him. Pretty cool.

Also I love knocking with Sister Colson. I caught a cute little frog.

I really am excited for this next transfer. Sister Colson and I are having so much fun. I also really like being a Sister Training Leader. But it's hard, we have a lot of stuff to do and we get a lot of emotional phone calls. But hey, I'm good at communication haha

I love y'all! Have a great week!


Sister Caton

Beautiful Bartram heehee