Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 42

"He is the light and the life of the world; yea, a light that is
endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is
endless, that there can be no more death." Mosiah 16:9

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This was a great and miraculous week.
I spent almost all week not in our area, tradeoff style, but it was
good because Sister Harris was able to take control and do everything.
She is amazing, I think I'm getting transferred because she's so
awesome. But we had an amazing miracle this week.
I came home from a tradeoff and we were going straight from that to a
lesson with our progressing investigator. We had no time to prepare
but we prayed beforehand and asked Heavenly Father to help us teach by
the spirit and help us understand her needs. We ended up having an
amazing lesson where the spirit was so strong and she came forward
with the concern that she had about prayer and some questions with it.
It was incredible and she then came to church on Sunday! She loved it
and stayed all 3 hours, and afterwards when someone asked her "Are you
coming again next week?" She said, "I see no reason not to!" And she
is coming again! She is getting baptized December 10th. Also the 10
year old girl we've been teaching is getting baptized on Saturday! She
performed in the primary program yesterday and did such a good job and
it's going to be awesome!

I got to see Sister Smith and Sister Olsen!

So much fun!

Beautiful Jacksonville Skyline!

We found a really pretty place to take pictures kind of by our house!

The weather has been ridiculously nice this week. It doesn't feel like Fall at all.

Well I hit my 10 month mark yesterday and it's been crazy. I can't believe it's been such a long time. I'm more than halfway done and it doesn't even feel like I've been out past training haha

Well I hope y'all have a great thanksgiving! We have 4 dinner appointments, so pray for me that I can eat all the food and not die :)


Sister Caton

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 41

"Miracles, or these extraordinary manifestations of the power of God,
are not for the unbeliever; they are to console the Saints, and to
strengthen and confirm the faith of those who love, fear, and serve
God, and not for outsiders" -Brigham Young

Hola Mi Amigos y Familia!
This week was incredible and I'm going to start out by talking about
one day in particular!
So this Thursday, we got the AMAZING opportunity to have a lesson with
our recent convert, our mission president, President Lee and Elder
Eduardo Gavarret...
Yes, you read that right, A SEVENTY CAME TO A LESSON WITH US!
It was terrifying but really cool all at once. He brought a My Family
Booklet and asked our recent convert if he knew what it was. He
didn't. He asked Sister Harris to show it to him and explain what it
is, and she did a pretty good job on the fly. Then he asked me to
explain what being a "Savior on Mount Zion" was. So that was exciting
haha but it was so cool! He is a super nice guy and he really helped
our convert.
Then, right after he left, we had a lesson with our investigator with
the same first name as me (super weird) and she is literally amazing!
She has read past Jacob in the Book of Mormon and she is still going
strong, and she loved the plan of salvation. We invited her to baptism
and set a date with her for December 10th which she accepted! It was
so great!! Our area has really changed since I came here.
Then on Friday we had the Mission tour where Elder Gavarret spoke to
all of us and it was so neat. He is such a fun speaker and he shows a
lot of videos.
Then we got to see the new Christmas initiative #LightTheWorld and it
was beautiful, touching and I'm so excited to show it to everyone we
meet! It is going to change the Christmas spirit :)
Then we had Stake Conference and that was really fun and exciting,
Elder Gavarret had a little boy come up to the front with his dad and
read the words to "teach me to walk in the light". It was so sweet and


We had such a great week though and it was so much fun.

I got to see Sister Smith at the mission tour!!!

I straightened my hair for Stake Conference!

A dog sat on my lap at dinner :)

I made giant noodles!

It truly was a miraculous week! We had so much fun :)

Love y'all!

Have a great week!


Sister Caton