Sunday, October 30, 2016

Week 38

"If we approach adversity wisely, our hardest times can be times of
greatest growth, which in turn can lead toward times of greatest
happiness." -Joseph B Wirthlin

So as per someone who will remain unnameds request, I will now be
including something I learned this week!
This week I learned a lot about following the spirit. Every day we
have something called "Golden Hour" where we spend 60 minutes doing
inspired finding. Yesterday, we had prayed to find someone to teach a
lesson to and we knocked on some doors of very weird and rude people,
including a guy who told us to "come back when you're 40."
Then I felt a little prompting to visit this one potential
investigator who we had never met who was not even close to there but
we went anyway. This lady answers the door and turns out to be the
daughter of the potential investigator, and she invites us in! We
taught her the whole restoration and invited her to baptism! It was
such a huge miracle. She said yes and is going to start reading the
Book of Mormon! She is amazing and we were so happy!

This week was filled with miracles, we got to go to transfer meeting
because we have a new trainee in our car share with us! We have 5
trainees in our district now! We have a new Elder in our ward from
Taiwan and he is awesome. He told us he loves America. We were at our
bishops house and I said, "Elder, how tall are you?" And he says,
"21!" Haha he thought I asked how old he was. It was awesome.
But guess who I saw at transfers? Sister Gibb! We took a posterity photo.

We had so much fun! Sister Gibb said, "oh its like AT&T, raising the bar."
She hasn't changed at all.

This week Sister Harris and I received tiny wooden elephants from a less active in our ward and I LOVE MINE! Her name is Sarabi Sriracha Caton. Sister Harris named hers Sally!

 We were waiting for our bishop to pick us up so it's okay we were taking these pictures.

And earlier this week we did we were taking sister Sheffield to the doctor and we ran into sister Cengiz, she's my favorite!

She's the medical person and we are best buds.
Anyway I'm just loving it here in the FJM and I'm really excited to continue on this wonderful journey, even though now I'm on the backside of my mission which is really weird.

I'm so happy and I have just felt very blessed with Sister Harris. And now we are teaching someone who is actually progressing! A 10 year old little girl who we found! Her mom is a less active member and we're so excited because they both came to church this week! And we're going to set a baptismal date with her next week :)
Please pray for her and her mom!
Thank you for all y'all do! I love you! Have a great week!

Sister Caton

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Week 37

Week 37

"Love should be our walk and our talk." -Dieter F Utchdorf

This week was transfer week! And sister Harris and I are staying together!!!
I get to second half train her :) she is so amazing, and we have a
great friendship. I can't wait to see what this next transfer holds!
As many of you know, this week, October 20th I hit my 9 month mark
which means I am halfway done with my mission! I can't believe it has
gone so fast. I bought some new shoes today and threw away my worst
pair so I could see the difference haha
Look at the holes!

Poor shoes. They were real bad.
This week was a real adventure! We met a man named Luis and he was really nice but as he was talking with us, he dropped his beer on me. It was all over my legs and filled my shoes and got EVERYWHERE. So that was fun, but also he became a new investigator. So worth it!
We walked a lot this week. I saw a giant hedge and asked Sister Harris to take a picture of me but she didn't get the top of the hedge in the picture! Haha oh well

We also got the opportunity to go to a lesson with our mission presidents wife Sister Lee this week! The lady we went to go see was kind of scary and bible bashed us the whole time. afterwards she called us and said,
"Hi, I don't want you to come visit me anymore, please never call again."
And I said
"AWESOME! Have a great life! We love you! Bye!"
Haha probably not the best response. But we had so much fun with Sister Lee, she is the best.

Also, I caught a frog this week!

I love Sister Harris!
I have so much fun here in Mandarin. We have had so many miracles this week!
I love y'all! Have a great week!
Sister Caton

Week 36

Matthew 7:25 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.

So first things first,


The hurricane was actually not too bad, and all of our missionaries are safe and accounted for. Some of the missionaries around us were evacuated but nobody was hurt and everyone has power back already!

Thursday morning we went out and helped some people prep for the hurricane and it was very very rainy haha

We were very wet by 6 when we had to stay in for the night haha but we had a great time!

The storm didn't really hit until Friday and that's when we stayed inside All. Day. Long.

It was really boring because we didn't have much to do. But we played a scripture game I made up and then had brownies so really, we were living the high life! I also took 3 naps. :) 

Here's us staying safely inside.

On Saturday, we got to leave the house again! Our water was shut off during the storm but it came back on that morning. A lady we visit all the time broke her foot during the storm and she didn't have a car, so we went with the Relief Society president and took her to the ER. It was an adventure and we were able to meet and talk to a lady there who was so awesome and prepared to receive the gospel. She met the Elders in St Augustine LAST WEEK! So we gave her a pamphlet and she promised to contact them. She was awesome.

Here's our selfie with our amazing RS president

Hospital Selfies.

Then we had a really fun day Sunday. We only had a 40 minute Sacrament meeting and then we split up into teams and tackled some huge service projects all around Jacksonville!
 We had so much fun, we went in a big group with most of our district. 

I got to use a machete! An Elder taught me how to use it.

We cut up this whole giant tree on a guys shed. It was awesome!

 This tree was in our apartment complex and it got completely ripped out of the ground.

So many trees were uprooted like that haha

But it was a great week!

I am having a grand time!

Love y'all!

Sister Caton

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 35

"Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the
law, happy is he."-Proverbs 29:18

This week was great!! We had a good time finding people, working hard
and serving them.
We help out at this one charity organization called Farmshare and this
week we were painting buckets. It was so fun and I loved it! But then
when we were leaving, we realized that the yellow paint was not coming
off Sister Harris' hands! It didn't come off for the rest of the day,
and now we have yellow paint all over everything.
Here's a pic of Sister Harris holding a lizard I caught with yellow
paint all over her

Poor thing.

We knocked a lot of doors this week and at one door this man quickly yanks it open and I say,

"Hello! We're sharing a message about Jesus Christ!"

He promptly responds, "IM COOKING FISH!"

It was hilarious. We left laughing.

We went to visit a less active who had a green light on their porch and we took some awesome selfies, also I caught a lizard

We have so much fun together!

Also I caught a gecko!

It was a magical moment.

Another nasty critter we found was this lovely moth.

Probably can't tell from the picture but it is as large as a persons hand. I thought those weren't real... but clearly I was wrong.

And today for p day we carved pumpkins!! 🎃

Guess what is carved in it? That's right, a lizard.

I may or may not be obsessed with lizards.

We have a great district. I love being a missionary! Sister Harris is such a champ. We have been working hard and it's all been worth it. I love it!!

I hope y'all have a great week!


Sister Caton