Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 60

March 27, 2017

"I think if you're happy you live longer." -Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Hey y'all!
This week was great and we took a lot of pictures!
On Monday we went to the St Augustine Lighthouse and the Pirate Museum
which was so much fun. Sister Tullis and I had a blast! We were so
tired afterwards though haha.

Then on Tuesday we had a surprise tradeoff with the Palatka 2nd Sisters.  We had a great time, I was with Sister Gilbert!  We found this amazing man who is a youth pastor at his church but who has a lot of questions and is willing to read the Book of Mormon.

We also were coming home and we said, “What is that thing in the driveway?”  And we both shouted at the same time, “A TURTLE!”

He was a funny little guy.  we walked to a pond and stuck him in there.  we even gave someone a card because we were walking!  Yay!

Me and Sister Gilbert!  At subway yum.

Then on Thursday we weekly planned and got stuff done and then we had a tradeoff with the Sister Training Leaders in Jax East, and I was with Sister Koerner.  We had a great time!  She is a lot like me!!!

 We found this giant truck.  hahah

Then we traded back at PDQ!

Then on Saturday, we were able to go back and teach this cute family we met last week and we found out the wife is a member and she got baptized in a Spanish branch!  She is so amazing and wants to come back to church!  And her husband wasn’t really ready when she got baptized, but he is really open now and wants to know the truth.  Our lesson with them was wonderful and they are amazing!

Then yesterday we were walking around and talking to people and we saw this funny/creepy cow mailbox. haha

I was scared.

Then when we were walking we met this amazing man who we were able to teach!  He became a new investigator!  He has a hard life and is searching for peace.  What a miracle!

Well I hope y’all have a great week!


Sister Caton

Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 59

March 20, 2017

"The way we treat others reflects to what extent we follow our Savior in loving one another. " -Walter F Gonzalez

This week was awesome! 
One of our investigators who we found a few weeks ago is doing amazing! He has been reading the Book of Mormon and he is understanding it and gaining a testimony of it! He is a police officer and he loves to learn about good things. He has such a strong desire to know the truth and he is so nice to us! He promised to come to church next week since this one he was working but he is so great! 

We also visited a lot of less actives and we found one who has a peacock! It was awesome! 

Things you don't expect to see in Florida Haha

But we have a busy day today, we came to St Augustine and we went to the lighthouse! 

This is one of two original pirate flags in the whole world! 

On the rigging!! 

Love y'all have a great week! 

Sister Caton

Week 58

March 13, 2017

"How wonderful are the ways of our Lord. How glorious His promises. When tempted we can substitute for thoughts of evil thoughts of Him and His teachings." - Gordon B Hinckley

Hey y'all!
This was a great week. We were able to find a lot of great people to teach!
We had such a miracle where a week ago we met a man and his daughter knocking on doors, and they were busy but told us to come back!
We came back for the appointment and they invited us in and it was one of the most spirit filled lessons I have ever been in! They even invited their friend to come!
They are all continuing to learn as well! We are so excited for them to progress.
We also found a super nice man last week who is progressing now! He told us he is so excited to come to church and it was awesome.

Sadly this week we got bible bashed by a very weird man. He poured out his coffee and was crazy and it was really a contentious situation, but it ended up great because when we left, the spirit was with us and we felt full of peace. It was such a huge difference, and I'm so glad that we have the spirit and can feel the difference between those things.

I got to go on a tradeoff with Sister Martin this week, and we had so much fun!

We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner and taught some great lessons. Somebody gave us a catechism too haha good times.

Well I love being a missionary! Miracles abound!
Have a great week

Sister Caton

Week 57

March 6, 2017

"When obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes our quest, in that moment God will endow us with power.” -Ezra Taft Benson

Wow this is so crazy, time is flying and I can't believe it's march already! 
This week was exciting, Sister Tullis and I work hard and we have seen a lot of miracles! 

On Wednesday we had a Zone Conference for the Jax West, Jax South, Gainesville and Ocala Zones. I got to see Sister Harris and my granddaughter Sister Winona! They are doing really well and are working hard. I love Sister Harris, it was so good to see her. 

                                                                  Posterity picture! 

I wish Sister Gibb had been there to see it but I know she's proud too :) 

After that we went on a tradeoff, and I got to go to St Augustine Shores with Sister Kilpack! We had a good time, I learned how to ask, "What is your favorite animal?" In ASL! And respond! She is a great missionary and we had a great time together. 

Then on Friday we went out into a part of our area we don't get to go to often and it was so beautiful right by the river! 

It's out kind of in the middle of nowhere. We were able to visit one of our members who is having a hard time and help her a little bit! Then that night, we were visiting some people and we met a man who walked right up to us and we started to teach him right there outside his house! He was awesome and knows some of the members in the ward. He said the closing prayer and thanked Heavenly Father for sending us to him. We have a return appointment! 

Then on Saturday we met the cutest old lady in the world! She was 77 years old, and we were able to teach her about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She was so happy and cried, and told us she had been watching tv and a preacher said that someone would come into her life and bring her closer to Jesus Christ. She said, "And nobody came except you! You must be the ones!" It was such a miracle. 

I love being a missionary. It is such a blessing to serve the Lord and work hard every day trying to find the one who needs us. 

                                                            Pretty blue door :) 

Have a great week y'all! 

Sister Caton