Sunday, June 4, 2017

Week 69

May 29, 2017

"When you teach a boy, you teach an individual, but when you teach a girl, you teach a whole generation.” -Unknown

Wow this week was amazing! We were able to find and teach so many new people! 

On Tuesday we were able to meet these twins who were from Puerto Rico and they were so open and nice to us. They let us right into their house! We taught them about the Book of Mormon and the authority and they were really interested and so we were able to come back Saturday and teach them again! They both had thought about it and one of them read the Pamphlet we left with them! They were so nice and we are really excited to come back and teach them again this week.

Another miracle was when we met this man when we were knocking and he was super willing to listen to us, even though he goes to one of the big churches around here. We taught the Restoration on his doorstep and he was blown away by all he didn't know and we were able to come back and teach him again, and he has SO MUCH gospel knowledge but wasn't trying to bash on us, he asked some amazing questions. He had even read some of the Book of Mormon before we came back! I am really excited to go back and see him, we are hoping to bring a super solid member with us to help him understand eveything. :) 

Then last night, we were knocking and we met this man who was Muslim and he was just so nice to us and polite. We prayed with him and taught him and he didn't really seem that interested so we kind of gave up. So we said a closing prayer with him and then I asked, "Hey, do you think I could see your prayer rug? I have never seen one." And he explained a few things to us about Islam that were so interesting and he was so happy to talk about it. Then he started talking about the Bible and how he isn't sure if it is the word of God or not. He said, "Most religions only have one book, but they are all different, why is that?" And we said, "Well, we don't just have one, we have the Book of Mormon also." And he said, "How can I know if it is truly from God or not?" We testified to him that the way he could know was by asking God. We read Moroni 10:4-5 to him and the spirit was so strong! He definitely felt it and he was amazed by that. We were able to set a return appointment and we're going to bring him a Book of Mormon in Arabic! It was such a great experience. 

This has been the busiest time on my mission. It is so different from everywhere else I have served and it is so great to teach people who are my age. I feel so blessed to not be lost, because it feels like everyone else is. Nobody seems to know what they believe or if God is real or there. Nobody here feels like God has answered their prayers or that they have ever really understood the scriptures even if they grew up in a church. It is amazing to testify to them that they can have a relationship with God and that they can learn how to be happy and gain direction in their lives! The most common thing that people ask us to pray for is peace or direction and it makes me so glad that I have those things! Life is so hard without the Gospel. 

This week we had Zone Conference and I got to see all my mission friends which was really fun. The group going home this transfer had to go up and bear their departing testimonies, and it was the strangest experience since next time it will be me. I can't believe it has gone by so fast! 

Well, 10 more weeks left yo. :) see you in 70 days! 
Sister Caton

                                                           At Santa Fe College

                              Florida: where behind the apartment complexes are jungles. 

                                 Happy Birthday selfie for the mission presidents wife!

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