Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 25

"Pure love is an incomparable, potent power for good."- Richard G Scott

So the big news is...
I'm going to East Jacksonville to an area called the Mandarin 2nd
Ward. My new companion will be Sister Gagnon, who is super sweet and
served in the ward next to my current one about 3 months ago so I knew
her! This will be her last transfer, so I will be "killing" her. :)
I'm so excited! I will miss Normandy but I really am excited to go out
there. It is a bit intimidating though because I'll be serving in the
ward with the Assistants to the President and the mission president is
in my ward! Scary!! But it will be fun.

This week was a very good week!
I attended my second funeral ever which was for the oldest member of
our ward, a 96 year old man who was absolutely adorable. But his
funeral was pretty good.
Sister Smith and I ran into my very first baptism, K on the street
when we were walking. He hasn't come to church in about 3 months and
so we talked with him for a little while and took a selfie. I cried
afterwards because he just looked so different. People need the


But we also met a man that day who was really nice to us and let us feed a banana flavored Popsicle to his pot bellied pig named Oliver. He was so cute!

 Then later in the week we went to visit one of our really incredible investigators and her husband showed us his giant cage filled with passenger pigeons! It was awesome!

We thought it was pretty cool.

The elders had a baptism this week and the mission president and his wife came!!! I didn't know then that I would be serving in their ward but we got a nice pic :)

I got some goodbye pics with some of my favorite people in the ward which was good, and Bishop made us take a first presidency pic, I'm the prophet.

 I'm gonna miss that guy.

But he's weird and visits all of his old missionaries regularly haha

So I'm sure I'll see him in a few weeks anyway.

Well, I'm so excited to transfer and I'll let y'all know all about it next week!

Much love,

Sister Caton