Sunday, June 4, 2017

Week 67

May15, 2017

"When you cannot do what you have always done, then you only do what matters most.” -Robert D Hales

Well this week was great!  We had some amazing miracles and we were able to find plenty of people to teach!  We also got some dinner from members for the first time ever! Haha 
Sister Ridenour and I are having a good time being companions, and now we aren't getting transferred! I don't think she'll be my last companion but we are having a great time together. 

She cut my hair this week and gave me bangs! We are excited! 


Also this week our lovely Chinese investigator came to church!!! 
We were so excited. We couldn't understand too much but we could understand the spirit! And he really LOVED church! He told everyone, "see you later!" Because he wants to come back! 

And it was so fun to talk to my family on Mother's Day! I was happy to see everyone. 
I got this nice selfie with Kiara! 

Haha I miss them all! 

Well I hope y'all have a great week! 

Sister Caton

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