Friday, December 2, 2016

Week 43

"There are more lessons to be learned from Nephi and Naaman, from
Joshua and the brother of Jared, from Samuel of Israel and Samuel the
Lamanite, and from many others. The most powerful lessons, however,
you will find, come from that leader among leaders, Jesus the Christ."
-Wendell J Ashton

So I have some big news this week!
First of all, I'm being transferred to the Bartram Trails Branch in
South Jacksonville! Now I'll have served in Jax West, Jax East and Jax
South. Not only that, but I am now a Sister Training Leader!
I will be conducting tradeoffs with sisters in my zone and I will be
giving trainings at zone meetings and more! It's kind of exciting
because this is the only leadership calling that sisters can have,
it's the equivalent of a Zone Leader! I'm excited but nervous.
I'm also taking the place of my trainer, Sister Gibb! My new companion
will be Sister Colson. I have heard she is amazing! I'm so excited :)

Also, we had a baptism! Our little 10 year old investigator got
baptized and she is amazing! It was a really beautiful service and she
did great, she was so nervous. But she looked beautiful and she loved
it! She was confirmed yesterday and she loves coming to church, and
her mom and grandma are also reactivated and love church too.

She got a pretty white dress!

The crew!

So this week we also had interviews with the mission president and it was so great.
In my interview he sighs and says, "Well, this will save me a phone call." And called me to be a Sister Training Leader 5 days early. He said, "I won't tell you where you're going or who your companion is but she is very obedient and wonderful." So I'm excited. But also I couldn't tell anyone for 5 days! Sister Harris guessed it out of me though. But it was hard to keep a secret!

This week I was feeling a little under the weather so I look a little sick in the district picture but it is a good pic!

I'm going to miss this district! We now have 2 new zones in the mission which is exciting.

We took Christmas pictures with our mini tree that we put up!

We have so much fun together! I'm going to miss Sister Harris so much, she is going to be in a trio now but I'm so glad that I got to train her! She is the best and I love her!
At least Sister Gibb will be here in the car share with her! I'm so glad. :)

I love y'all! Have a great week!

Sister Caton

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