Friday, August 12, 2016

Week 27

"Create of your life a masterpiece." -Joseph B Wirthlin

Wow this week was awesome! I truly love this area, and my new
companion is so awesome. I love Sister Gagnon.
This week we went to Farmshare, which is a non profit organization
that takes food that's close to expiring but still good and gives it
to people in need. Our drive there takes us right into downtown Jax

and its awesome!

 My BFF on the mission, Sister Hannah is leaving me. :(

She needs to go home to take care of some stuff but I know she'll come back and we'll be bffs again. I love this Sister!!!!

 We're so cute. :)

 And Sister Miller photo bombed us.

Good times.

Oh look, me and Sister Gagnon!!!

She is the absolute cutest. She's just adorable in every way!

We have a lot of fun together.

I feel really lucky to be here in this ward. We do a lot of hard work. We bike 3 1/2 of the days each week and I feel really accomplished since I've been holding up well. I really like the members. We have a good time at dinners with them! I just feel so lucky :)

I love y'all! Remember, expect miracles!


Sister Caton

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