Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 18

"Unexpected intrusions of beauty. That's what life is." - Saul Bellow

This week was filled with miracles!!!
We have a double baptism coming up this Saturday and it's really exciting!!!
All the members have been really excited for them and we have a lot of
support and it's awesome. Our Recent convert is now a ward missionary
and she's been a great friend to them. We also have several members
who are reactivated! It's pretty exciting seeing the ward grow and we
are so happy.

We went to visit a less active and she had this awesome beautiful dog
named Artemis who was a former race dog and greyhound. I took multiple
pics and I think the people thought I was a little crazy. I love dogs,
don't judge me.

It was glorious for sure.

There were so many days where we tracted in the rain this week. We got soaked like 4 times but it was really fun, and miracles happen when we endure. 
We saw this mailbox of a seahorse! It was awesome.

Then we had a great time in an area we don't usually get to go to, where it's like a different world.  It's in the country and its gorgeous and lots of space between houses. I took a panorama!
Look at all that green. 

I didn't get that many more pics but it was an awesome week. I really feel my testimony growing every day, and I love this Gospel. The more I see other churches and people I can tell that ours really is the true church. This week we knocked into a pastor/ preacher woman who was really nice but told us she "could not receive us" because our beliefs differed too much from hers. When we asked why, her answers were almost rote and completely contradicted each other. I am so glad that we have Jesus Christ's true church on the earth again, because he taught clearly and simply. I love it. 
Well, I hope y'all have a great week! 
Sister Caton

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