Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 19

"Love is the ability to make the invisible visible and the desire
always to feel the invisible in one's midst." -Orhan Pamuk

Wow this week was a whirlwind of wonderful!!!
First of all, WE HAD 2 BAPTISMS!!!
They are our cute grandma friends and they are M and V.
Here is the pic:

When M was confirmed in sacrament meeting, he said, "You are frail in body but strong in spirit." That perfectly describes them. They are spiritual powerhouses and we're so happy for them. 

Also, Sister Gibb and I are being split up. My 4th transfer is about to begin and my new companion is...
Sister Smith!
Don't get your hopes up, it isn't my MTC companion. It's another Sister Smith. 
But I'm very excited to meet her! Transfers happen on Wednesday so next P-day I will be sure to send a pic of us!

Also this week, I caught a huge lizard. He was awesome. He bit Sister Gibb on the finger so I christened him Charlie. :)
Here he is:

It was a very exciting moment. Also we saw a really big lizard.
It was awesome. I want to purchase this lizard thingy someday.

Also, we were tracting this week and an old man stopped us and said,
"Hey! I have a present for y'all!"
We were thinking it was a bible or some sort of church paraphernalia but
he just wanted to share it. Sister Gibb drew a face on it.
It was so awesome. He didn't even know who we were. He was just nice.

We had such a great week. I felt so blessed. Our baptism was awesome and we are so happy. I think being a missionary is the biggest blessing. 
I love y'all!
Sister Caton


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