Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 15

"Oh no! I don't know how to dance!" -Sawyer (a little boy in our ward)

Hey everyone!
This week was amazing and I had so many adventures!
Firstly, this week we went to a less actives house and we got to see a
bunch of awesome animals on our tradeoff with the Sister Training
Leaders. There is photo evidence!

It was a marvelous time. Plus her daughter and grandson are going to get baptized! Good times. 

Also this week I hit a mission milestone which is I ATE GATOR TAIL. 
IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! Sister Gibb and I really enjoyed it. 

Also this week we had a really awesome giant devotional with the LDS band Firefly. They were so awesome and sweet. Look them up at iheartfirefly.com :)
We took a recent convert and investigator with us and we had so much fun. It was beautiful music along with great testimonies from recently baptized members. :) 
Also, I got to see Sister Smith! It was so awesome to see her again!

Anyway, Mighty Miracle May is coming along swimmingly and we have 2 new baptisms coming up in June! We love them and everything is going great. I have never felt so blessed!
I love y'all! Keep up your good works!
Sister Caton


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