Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 14

"What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity." - Joseph Addison

Hey everybody!
This week was filled with miracles and I feel so lucky to be me!!!

We were able to have another baptism, this time a wonderful lady we
met!!! She is 63 and has been searching for the true church her whole
life. She is just such a wonderful person!!!

We took a selfie :)

Her baptism was wonderful, and even though she is afraid of water, she took it like a champ! We're so proud of her. 

Also this week, I got to hold a baby pug puppy!!!

 There were 4 of them and we just had a great time snuggling them.

Also that day we went knocking on a street where we met 3 different men named James. And 2 of them we set return appointments with to meet again! It was crazy but a miracle. On that street we also saw a banana tree, and Sister Gibb took a selfie with a cat. It was a very eventful street.
This week we saw many miracles for mighty miracle may! Please keep the mission in your prayers!!!! 
We met a family this week who we think may truly be ready for he gospel so we'll see!!!
I am so grateful to have the chance to be a missionary. I truly love it and I love seeing people's lives change as the gospel brings happiness and love into their lives. God is Love.

It's funny because this week, a good friend of ours and member of the Normandy Ward got married in Utah, and Sister Gibb's parents got to go to the reception! When he was asked to describe us he said, "Sister Gibb is real, the way she is around people is the way she actually is. And Sister Caton is Pure Love."
Kind of neat! Hopefully I'm living up to that.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Caton

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