Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 4

"If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how
amazing you can be."
-Maya Angelou

This week was awesome and we took so many pictures! The Lord really
watches over us and takes care of us out here.

On P day we went bowling with our district and it was so much fun! I
did really bad but it was still fun. Also, we took our leftover
gizzards for the Elders haha and needless to say, they did not love
them. :D
Here's some pics!

Our good friend Katie Boone got baptized this week! She is the Elder's investigator but I kind of took her on as my own. She says I'm her favorite missionary so boo yah!
 We knocked on a road called Memory Lane this week and got a great pic.
On this very road, I had an accident.

Sister Gibb and I were knocking on doors and this adorable lady with 3 kids opened the door! She was awesome and totally willing to talk about God! Turns out, she was a preachers wife so we left her with a card and as we left, I turned and left really quickly without looking. Her house was built so a huge chunk of it just STUCK OUT AT HEAD LEVEL and so I chunked my head on it SO HARD. Sister Gibb said it sounded like a coconut hitting a rock! I momentarily was blinded by the impact. It was really funny, and I'm totally fine but it was kind of embarrassing since the lady was just like, " Um, are you okay?" Hahaha :)
This week was awesome, and full of adventure. I'm a little crazy but I love it that way.

We were given a gift certificate by a member to go to this amazing southern restaurant called "What's Cookin'". It was DELICIOUS. I'm going to die we eat so much food here. Especially at people's houses since they just feed and feed and feed us. 

 My district is a bunch of Wackadoodles. But I love them!
We also had a district meeting this week, and the AP's came which was neat! We took pictures with them too:
 We have good times and learn a lot from our district!

 Also, our good friends the Tanners had us over for dinner, so I got to see Waffles again!!!
I love him so much.
Then Sister Gibb and I were able to go tract in an area we had never been to before, where we suddenly walked down a street and at the end there was a gorgeous view of the river and downtown Jax! It was gorgeous so we just had to take photos.

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