Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 2 in Florida

Hello everyone!
This week was amazing! I had so many amazing experiences and crazy
things happen to me :)
I am so in love with the people here! In the south, people LOVE Jesus,
but they love him so much that they think they don't need any more of
him. Lots of people are so kind to us and we've only had one person be
really rude to us. Most people tell us that they love what we're doing
and respect us and say "Y'all be careful out there!"

It has been kind of cold these last few days but we have been fine,
and I never get cold. I was kind of sick this week, but I'm over it
except for a tiny cough. Sister Gibb is so supportive of me and is so

This week I have made huge leaps and bounds in my dislike of cats.
EVERYONE here has a cat, or two or three. Our recent convert Tara has
4 and we were giving her a new member lesson when suddenly one of her
cats jumped up on my head and started chewing on my hair! It was
insane! And everyone in the room didn't even help me, they just
started taking pictures! Here is Sister Gibbs picture of the event:

So that happened. But later that week we went to a members home for dinner and their cat was super cool and friendly like a dog. It was very nice and so I played with it a little. Sister Gibb also captured that moment:

Speaking of members, I love the members here. They are amazing and kind and we have dinner appointments almost every night! It is so great.

There is this cute little member named Sister Morrow who we go and visit each week because she has a lot of questions, and she is basically Mama Odie from Princess and the Frog! This week she talked to us a little about her past and this was how the conversation went:
Sister Morrow: "I used to practice Santeria. Do you know what that is?"
Sister Gibb: "nope"
Me (without thinking): "Yes!"
Sister Morrow: "Tell her what it is."
Now I'm panicking because my understanding of Santeria is that it's basically voodoo, and I don't want to offend her and so I start mumbling "Oh well I just, I don't want to be wrong, I just"
And Sister Morrow is hard of hearing and she says "WHAT?"
Then I said something else mumbling and she pretty much yells:
"I didn't Ax you to be involved, I axed you to tell her what it is!"

It was absolutely hilarious.

Well that's pretty much my week! Here's a pic of the missionaries in my ward this last Sunday

I love Y'all!
Sister Caton

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