Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Week 5

"There Is Nothing more Artistic than to Love people."
-Vincent Van Gogh

This week was incredible. I cannot believe the MIRACLES we see each
and every day. I believe in Miracles!
We have 2 baptisms lined up for March 26th and we are almost 100% sure
they are both going to happen! Something I learned on the mission is
that some people say they will get baptized and you set a date and
everything then they drop you and avoid you haha
But hey, that means they weren't ready to get baptized! It's not forever.
This week the weather was warm and perfect which meant-mosquitos. But
I only got 3 bites, so that's good. We have been having a great time
teaching lessons and working hard.
Sister Gibb and I went to the trainer-trainee meeting this week, so I
was reunited with all my MTC buddies! (Only the girls though)
They are all doing great, and we love being missionaries!
Here's a picture:

This week we went to something called Genesis where we talked about how God loves you no matter what color you are and also why people of color couldn't hold the priesthood before. It was super awesome and informative. Pretty much everyone here is racist at some level haha and so it was good to know what to say to those people. The South is an interesting place!

Also, this week I accomplished something very awesome! I PICKED UP A CAT!!!
Cats are so weird. This cat was a member's who we were helping clean her house. She has twin 2 year olds and so things can get dirty really quick. I think we really helped her. We love her so much!

The cat was pretty chunky too. I can't even remember it's name haha 

Also, Sister Gibb and I have set a goal of bringing 3 souls to the waters of baptism by the end of our next transfer together. Will all of you please pray that we will find them? We want to bring Souls unto Christ, and the prayers of many make things work! 
I love all of you! Have a wonderful week filled with Miracles!
I love it here in Jacksonville!
With Love, 
Sister Caton

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