Sunday, July 30, 2017

Week 76

July 24, 2017

"Don't fear, just live right." -Neal A Maxwell

Wow, as the time keeps going by it just seems like it goes faster and faster!
This week was great, and I felt really happy! I can't believe I only
have a few weeks left until my mission is over. It doesn't seem real
yet I think.

This week it rained a lot but we were still able to find people and teach!

Last P day we had an interesting adventure, the other sisters drove us
and we were parked in a dirt lot so we could go to a restaurant for
lunch. We came back and the car was gone! It got towed! So we got a
ride from a member to the towing place and we really had a good
attitude about it. We split the cost of the tow and then we took a
selfie with the guy at the tow place! He was surprised by our happy
attitudes haha

Then on Tuesday we knocked a lot but we found some great people and took a selfie in this weird swamp looking spot in the complex.

It was really sunny out there. #sunnyflorida

Then on Wednesday I had my departing interview with my Mission President. We get it during the normal interview cycle since there are so many people going home with me. It was such a great interview and a time where we just were able to really talk. I love President, we laughed together basically my entire interview and we were able to talk about a lot of things that I needed advice for! It really helped me feel more prepared to go home. It was a fun time.

Then on Thursday it rained so hard and then we got froyo with the STL's (we are the quad squad)

                                                                   Mmmm yes froyo

Then we had our tradeoff with them, and this was my last one!

 I was with Sister Heller and we had so much fun. It was like the day of blessings for Sister Caton! We found someone with a cute dog, we got steak and shake, we did service with dogs, we taught my favorite of their investigators and we had dinner with a less active from New Mexico! He bought us dinner at a Mexican restaurant too. Life is so good.

Ignore the weird lines on our clothes, it's from the light fixture above us.

We had so much fun, and then we were able to have a pre baptismal interview with our twins! They are getting baptized on Friday if all goes according to plan! I think they are so ready. I just love them so much.

At church on Sunday, our cute missionary couple the Bookers spoke and they said some great things that really touched my heart. Sister Booker talked about how life is like a midnight bike race they do every year. It's dark but you use your headlight to see the way, just like the Holy Ghost! But you need to do the right things so you can have it turned on. Then Elder Booker talked about how we are never alone in this life and a few other things, then mentioned how I am going home to everyone haha oh man, the worst part though is that there's an Elder who is also going home with me but he forgot to mention him! It's like everyone forgets that he's going home too! Ugh!

But I digress.

I am really excited for this next week, it's my last real one since next week I go to the temple and then I am home the next week! Crazy!

Love y'all!

Sister Caton

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