Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week 75

July 17, 2017

"In my life I have learned that sometimes I do not receive an answer to a prayer because the Lord knows I am not ready. When He does answer, it is often “here a little and there a little” because that is all that I can bear or all I am willing to do." -Robert D Hales

Hey y'all! 
Wow this week was so stellar! I can't believe I only have a few weeks left. But it is exciting and I am making every second count! 

This Tuesday was my birthday and I had a great one! I can't believe I am getting so old. I am 21 now and my life is going well. 
My old Bishop from Normandy came and took us out to lunch and brought his 3 sons but they didn't want to be in any of the pictures. We had a great time! He is the best!

Then that night, some of the YSA members threw me a fun little party! We had pizza and fruit and they made me a cake shaped like 21! 

They are so sweet, I really enjoyed my birthday. 

We even knocked Building 21! 

Classy right? 

Then on Wednesday we had Zone Conference and I sang a song, but I was really nervous so idk how good it was. But it was scary since I didn't get to practice that much and I didn't get to play for myself haha 
But I bore my departing testimony which is very strange to me. We each get a minute to say our testimonies and mine was about how much I have been able to change, and I know that it is only through Christ I have been able to do that! 
I feel very privileged and happy to have had such a great mission experience. It was sad to say goodbye to people since some of them I will not see again for a long time. Especially my trainee Sister Harris. She is so great, she brought me a teddy bear for my birthday present! 
It was awesome. 

Friday the STLs had a tradeoff and invited us to come get froyo with them and the Ocala 2 sisters. It was fun and we got a good pic! 

I am really enjoying my last few weeks and I am working hard. I hope y'all are seeing miracles and staying happy! 

Also, selfies...

Straightened my hair for church! 

Love yall! See you in 3! 
Sister Caton

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