Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 34

"Truth is always the surest guide and the easiest to square our lives by" -Brigham Young

This week was amazing! Starting off with a great Tuesday where we got a free pizza!!!

We were helping a less active move and she gave us some English crackers that had paper crowns in them, so we had a pizza party at our apartment :)

We did a lot of knocking on doors this week and I ended up taking an amazing picture of a butterfly! Look at it!

I was really proud of that. We had a great day that day.

I also caught a gecko! It was awesome! Geckos are like sticky, colorful lizards.

We have been teaching a lot of people on the street and this week I talked with 2 different people in full conversation in Spanish! I was really proud of myself.

Sister Harris is doing amazing! I am always so impressed by her love and ability to make people feel welcome. She is progressing nicely into becoming a missionary and I am so proud of her. We work really hard and she gets it all done!

Also at a dinner appointment this week I got a bird on my shoulder! His name was Baby and he can talk!

I love being a missionary. I learn so much every week and I just love having the experiences that I do. :)

I am praying for y'all! Stay strong and amazing!


Sister Caton

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