Friday, April 22, 2016

Week 11

Hello Friends!
So this week I will hit 3 months out of the MTC, and I finish my
training this week! How crazy is that??? I feel like it's been so much
less than that, time really flies.

This week was interesting because we had a lot of random things come
up. Sister Gibb got an ear infection, but held up like a real champ.
We had to go to the doctor though so that was exciting. We met a lot
of people this week!

Our investigator E has been doing amazing, and she is living the Word
of Wisdom, so she is getting baptized in May!!! We are so proud of
her. She met missionaries in 2008 and they gave her a Book of Mormon,
but she never read it until we showed up! We love her so much :)

This week it was a little overcast, and I tried to take a picture of
the river but sister Gibb was driving too fast.

I thought it ended up looking pretty cool. 

Also, there's stuff in the trees here called Spanish Moss and it makes the trees look all weird and southern and haunty so that's cool. I took a pic with one :)

I'm pretty sure it kills the trees though.

Also, E has the cutest dog in the world named Pepper, and her and Sister Gibb had a moment this week :)
I love her! Pepper is so funny, she is really obedient, and she really likes us. I love dogs!

Also, this week we went on a trade off with our sister training leaders! I got to be companions with Sister Rigby, she is awesome and we had a great time! 
She is so tiny! We got to teach a girl I taught on my last trade-off though which was awesome, and now she is getting baptized! It's pretty awesome to see the work rolling forward. 

I had a wonderful week, and I am hoping that we find more people to invite to baptism. Baptism is the most incredible thing anyone can do for themselves and I know that John 3:5 is the way to go. :) 
I hope y'all have a wonderful week full of miracles! Mine certainly was!!!
Sister Caton

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