Thursday, April 14, 2016

Week 10

"Life's a choice: you can live in black and white, or you can live in
color." - Karen Marie Moning

Hey everyone!
This week was a lot of fun and it was also really exciting, and as
always, filled with Miracles!
This past p day, we went bowling again and this time I did a lot
better! I think we forgot how to bowl last time :)

We had a great time. :)

Earlier this week, our Sister Training Leaders called us and asked if we would go on a trade off with a sister from another area who is in a trio! It was so fun, we got to be in a trio for one day and it brought a lot of miracles! Her name is Sister Barton but we didn't get any pictures which was sad.

This week we had a crazy crazy day on Thursday where our good friend in the ward turned 16 and the other friend was moving away, so we went on splits with them! It was interesting because it was my first time being on my own without another missionary, but our friend and I found an amazing new investigator who came to church and brought her whole family! She has already accepted a baptism date and we are so pumped because we're certain that she is going to make it! But the other reason the day was crazy was because we got super lost on our way to volunteer at a Teacher Supply Depot. We drove all over creation trying to find it, and got there almost an hour late so that was insane.

Then on Sunday we were able to help one of our recent converts teach her primary class! It was so fun, and I found my new favorite child in the world. His name was Jose and he was absolutely adorable! He was sitting in primary and the teacher said, "What does Jesus help you do?" And Sister Gibb whispers to him "Love" and he looks at her and says, "No!" Haha and then the teacher said, "Do you think he helps you be nice to your friends?" And thinks for a second and says, "Yeah, I think he does." Haha he is so cute!

We definitely had a wonderful week full of miracles. :)

Love Always,
Sister Caton

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