Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 49

January 9, 2017

"Somehow forgiveness, with love and tolerance, accomplishes miracles
that can happen in no other way." -Gordon B Hinckley

Hey everybody! This week has been a little crazy and a little bit of a
roller coaster but it ended up being good.

Firstly, I am getting transferred! Which is crazy since I never
thought I would be. But I am whitewashing into the St Johns River
Ward. Whitewashing means that both of the people coming into the area
have never been there before. My new companion is Sister Tullis! I
don't know her but I have heard she is fantastic! I am excited. We are
going into an Elders area. Not sure how I feel about that haha :)

My area I am in now is being closed down and some Elders from the
nearest ward will be watching over it. The members are devastated. But
it is okay, honestly it is good. The area was really small and we
didn't teach many lessons my entire time there. It needs a break. But
I wasn't prepared to leave yet!

We had zone Conference this week also and it was kind of crazy. There
were a lot of changes in the mission! We have 5 Assistants to the
president now. And there's all sorts of changes but all good things.

                                                               My zone!

I also went on a tradeoff this week to St Augustine Shores with Sister Driggs! She has been out 5 weeks and has been through a lot but she is amazing and has done so well with it.

She is a convert and I learned a lot from her! She has that greenie fire for real!

I am really going to miss Sister Colson and Bartram but I am also excited. Things are going well and I feel like this is something I can handle. :) the Lord is strengthening me!

Also, a follow up miracle from the guy from last week. So we called back the man who called us to see if he was coming to church and he was SO NICE. He said he has been really busy and the house hasn't closed yet so he wasn't sure if he could come to church this Sunday or next. Then he sighed and said, "Does God know I'm here?" We were able to testify to him over the phone that God really did know him and knew his name. Then we were able to teach him how to pray and he said he would try it and said he would come to church next week. The Spirit was so strong and he was so sincere. Miracles!

Also I caught a lizard again. It has been SO COLD lately and I hadn't seen one in like 5 weeks. Happiness!

Well I love y'all, I will let you know my new address! Have a great week!
Sister Caton

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