Sunday, October 30, 2016

Week 38

"If we approach adversity wisely, our hardest times can be times of
greatest growth, which in turn can lead toward times of greatest
happiness." -Joseph B Wirthlin

So as per someone who will remain unnameds request, I will now be
including something I learned this week!
This week I learned a lot about following the spirit. Every day we
have something called "Golden Hour" where we spend 60 minutes doing
inspired finding. Yesterday, we had prayed to find someone to teach a
lesson to and we knocked on some doors of very weird and rude people,
including a guy who told us to "come back when you're 40."
Then I felt a little prompting to visit this one potential
investigator who we had never met who was not even close to there but
we went anyway. This lady answers the door and turns out to be the
daughter of the potential investigator, and she invites us in! We
taught her the whole restoration and invited her to baptism! It was
such a huge miracle. She said yes and is going to start reading the
Book of Mormon! She is amazing and we were so happy!

This week was filled with miracles, we got to go to transfer meeting
because we have a new trainee in our car share with us! We have 5
trainees in our district now! We have a new Elder in our ward from
Taiwan and he is awesome. He told us he loves America. We were at our
bishops house and I said, "Elder, how tall are you?" And he says,
"21!" Haha he thought I asked how old he was. It was awesome.
But guess who I saw at transfers? Sister Gibb! We took a posterity photo.

We had so much fun! Sister Gibb said, "oh its like AT&T, raising the bar."
She hasn't changed at all.

This week Sister Harris and I received tiny wooden elephants from a less active in our ward and I LOVE MINE! Her name is Sarabi Sriracha Caton. Sister Harris named hers Sally!

 We were waiting for our bishop to pick us up so it's okay we were taking these pictures.

And earlier this week we did we were taking sister Sheffield to the doctor and we ran into sister Cengiz, she's my favorite!

She's the medical person and we are best buds.
Anyway I'm just loving it here in the FJM and I'm really excited to continue on this wonderful journey, even though now I'm on the backside of my mission which is really weird.

I'm so happy and I have just felt very blessed with Sister Harris. And now we are teaching someone who is actually progressing! A 10 year old little girl who we found! Her mom is a less active member and we're so excited because they both came to church this week! And we're going to set a baptismal date with her next week :)
Please pray for her and her mom!
Thank you for all y'all do! I love you! Have a great week!

Sister Caton

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