Saturday, July 16, 2016

Week 22

"Love should be our walk and our talk." -Dieter F Utchdorf

This week was really great!
We started off the week saying goodbye to our companion Sister O. She went home for medical problems but she was one of the best examples of Christlike love and compassion I have ever met. She has so much faith and so much light. We miss her already but we know she needed to go home to get better. We took some fun pics with her though!

She's such a cutie.
Then we went on a tradeoff! I went with Sister Hansen and we had such a fun time. We got DQ and I got a cotton candy blizzard which was heavenly.

She's super awesome, we had a great time together.
On Wednesday we met the new mission president and wife and they are amazing! They are loving and wonderful and full of happiness. We are so excited for them to be here in the FJM :)

Then on Thursday we went and did some service for one of the members of our ward, Sister Eardley and we had a great time helping her paint, then we fried up some shrimp, squash and okra. She taught me how and then I did all of the rest! So fun!

We had a great time.

I'm loving Sister Smith, we have such a great time being companions and I just think we are so opposite, but hey, opposition in all things! She's the best. 

This week was fun and we found a lot of interested people. We're holding a church tour next week and bringing as many people as possible to just see what it's like.
I love being a missionary, it's so wonderful. I'm still learning but it's going good! I think every day is a miracle.

Look for them and they're there!!!!
Sister Caton

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