Saturday, November 12, 2016

Week 40

"The Gospel must be preached to the world, that the wicked may be left

without excuse." -Brigham Young

Hey y'all! This week was amazing.
So remember the miracle I talked about how we met our recent convert's across the street neighbor? Quick recap if I didn't, she was walking across the street and saw us having an outside lesson and we invited her but she couldn't come, but we gave her a Book of Mormon. This week, we had a lesson with her and she is AMAZING! She has read all the way to JACOB in the Book of Mormon and she loves it! We invited her to baptism and she said yes! She is also pretty much my twin, we have the same name, she has a wiener dog and so do I, she loves music and she loves to learn and she even kind of talks like me. Except she's short and blonde but hey close enough. The spirit was so strong
at her lesson and we have another one for this week!

So this week we had some really fun experiences, on Halloween we had Family Home Evening with a family and the Elders and their investigators, a dad and a 10 year old son. We helped the elders teach the plan of salvation, and the 10 year old had such great questions.  Then he says, "Hey, how old are you guys?" (Asking me and Sister Harris) and we said, "How old do you think we are?" And he says, "Um, like Forty." Haha and then he asked me if I would marry his dad. We were all laughing awkwardly but it was awesome.

Then Tuesday we were going around looking for some less active members and we went to this apartment complex and ended up taking some pictures haha

Photobombed haha

We had fun!

Then last Friday for weekly planning, Sister Harris and I decided to give each other presents we made this week. I made her a rice bag that you can put in the microwave and she made me a paper bear and gave me a Brigham Young book. I love Brigham Young!!!

So much fun.

Then today, we got to go to the Jacksonville Zoo!!! 
 Sister Walters in our ward took us with her two kids, it was a blast! 

Elsie's snake photobomb

Super fat goat Paco.

It was so much fun! I caught like 20 lizards for Elsie and we just had a blast. Sister Walters even made us lunch!!!

Best day ever!

I love y'all! Have a great week!


Sister Caton

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